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The Snack Monster

Hey guys! Happy Holidays!! 

Can you believe that Christmas is only 19 days away!!!

We were planning on setting up an artificial tree that Pete had from college, but broke down last night in the name of Christmas spirit and because it’s Kester’s first Christmas and picked up a little 5 foot balsam.


She’s a beauty. Had a little decorating family night complete with sweet potato chili from the freezer, yep, we know how to partay. ;)

Time is flying by so fast don’t you think? Even though sometimes I feel like my days are so slow with a newborn. Especially the days when Kester is fussier than normal. I think, in my completely newbie Mom opinion, that he is going through a little growth spurt. He was feeding consistently every three hours for the first couple weeks and now in the afternoon and early evening sometimes he wants to eat more often, and he’s a little gassy…not sure what’s going on there, but we are trying some new feeding and burping techniques + Momma’s watching what she eats a little more closely to see if we can remedy the situation.




But, oh, that sweet face, I die. 

Well, I’m one week into December, and I wanted to check in with you guys about how my “back in the saddle” plan and goals have been going. 

Good. For the most part. 

I have been doing well at incorporating veggies, protein, and fat into my meals and snacks which in turn has led to much less of a craving for sugar. A few pieces of dark chocolate have been enjoyed,” Dear dark chocolate, cranberry, almond and ginger bar from Trader Joes, why do you have to be so stinking delicious.” But, all in all the sweet tooth is being sidelined big time and I’m feeling good. 

Workouts – I got in several good workouts this week! A kettlebell circuit (loving these), 2 total body workouts, a treadmill run, an outdoor run, and two walks. I feel like I’m getting in a groove again, and already getting stronger. 

 Right now because Kes is so little I’ll be doing most of my working out at home. Pete and I were talking about it the other day and he’ll watch him twice a week while I head to the gym if I have a more “gym specific” workout I’d like to do…or if it’s just butt cold like it gets here during a Wisconsin winter and I’m craving a good run. ;) Otherwise I’ll fit in workouts as he naps…which some days is more challenging than others. Looking forward to writing a post on this once I’m a bit more of an “expert.” 

As far as food journaling and planning goes I haven’t been as faithful as I would like. I tend to quit mid-day with the food journal, I get busy or something…:) And, with the holidays our schedule is full of get-togethers, dinners here and there not at home, traveling etc…so, there has been a pretty non-existent meal plan over here, just flying by the seat of my pants. 

This I know will improve once the holidays are over, and for right now, I’m deciding to do my best keeping snacks, and basic meal essentials on hand, making staples when I have time, in order to keep my head above water. 

Oh…and breastfeeding my little man has made me a snack monster!! I’m seriously hungry all.the.time. Some of the healthy snacks I’ve been leaning on and enjoying lately are:

Almonds – filling, fatty, crunchy, delicious
Plain greek yogurt 
Fresh anjou pears
- Cost Co. had a HUGE bag on sale for $4…and they are SO incredibly good
Apples w/nut butter – just made a batch of cashew butter = excitement!
Trader Joes Pumpernickel Pretzels
– delish with the garlic aoili mustard
Protein cookies
Dried cherries and raisins


Mommas out there, any other filling and healthy snacks you enjoyed while breastfeeding? 

So…that’s a little update on me, how about you? How are you keeping things clean this December to give yourself a jumpstart into the new year?

I don’t know about for you, but for me this week is going to be tough, Christmas cookie baking and traveling….not always a great combo, but I know I can keep on track if I set my mind to it! 

Have a great week, and I’m cheering you on to a healthy finish! 

~ Liesl


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Back in the Workout Saddle – Postpartum Plan

Hey guys! 

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was full of lasting memories with family and friends, good food, and time to reflect on the many things we DO have to be thankful for. 


My little man for sure! <3


Ours was lovely! Mi Madre (my Momma) hosted, as per the usual, and my brothers were there with their families, Mom, Dad, Pete & I + baby Kester, and Pete’s Mom, Dad, and sister…we were 19 in all. Plates of delicious food were eaten, lots of dishes washed while chatting away in the kitchen, football watched, and steaming cups of coffee savored while indulging in a little holiday pie. Apple for me, don’t mind if I do. :) 




I think being away from Las Moras, our home, and back with family for the holidays + Kester’s birth and adjusting to new “motherhood” has caused me to reel off track, just a bit, during these last few weeks. I’ve indulged a little more than probably necessary, especially with sugar, and I can feel it in my bones.

Once you become accustomed to living  healthy lifestyle, it becomes pretty evident in the way that you feel that you need to get back up on that wagon when you stagger off…and quick! And right now I definitely don’t need any other factors causing me to feel tired and sluggish. :) The short nights of sleep with a new born are enough.   image

So…it’s the start of a new month and this week I’m jumping back up into the workout and healthy eats saddle! Anyone with me?? 

But, first things first, before anyone jumps on me, yes…I know I am only 3 weeks post partum. I know that we read all over the internet that we shouldn’t start exercising until 6 weeks post partum. Yep, I’ve read all those articles too, and I wondered if I would wait that long. 


 Hmm, nope.

But I’ll be honest with you guys, throughout my whole pregnancy, and labor I have been doing what instinctively feels best for my body. I have listened to how I feel, and pushed the limits when I was feeling great, and dialed it back when my body cried out for rest. 

I truly believe that the level of fitness that I was able to maintain throughout my 40 weeks of pregnancy not only helped me have a quick, “somewhat tolerable” delivery, but also have sped up my post partum recovery like nothing else could! Staying active and fit was the best decision I made as a Momma to be. I highly recommend it, if you can. You can check out some of my pregnancy workouts here.

Going into labor and delivery I listened to my body, and now 3 weeks post partum I KNOW that my body is ready to get out there and work it once again. My muscles are craving some strength training, and my mind is needing some cardio to set it free from the stresses of new motherhood. And, I’m just needing some resemblance of routine in my life, something I can count on, and look forward to as my “me time” everyday. 

So…before this post gets too long winded, I have decided to set some simple goals for the next month to help me stay on track and rational during this busy, tempting holiday season. ;) And what better way to kick off the New Year than with a month of good habits, and healthy choices under your belt! Three cheers for Lean in 2015!! Ha…I just made that up.

Anyways, here’s my challenges for myself for the next month:

1.) No sweets, or refined sugars – this is how I normally eat, reserving a few squares of dark chocolate for when the sweet tooth hits with a vengence. But the week after Kester was born I think I was in celebrate myself and what my body did growing this little life for 9 months mode. I treated myself to ice cream, cookies, chocolate, etc…and not just treated, but made them a daily thing.


Yikes…one week to start a habit, because that’s exactly what happened, sugar is SO addictive. And worst of all, I hate the way it makes me feel. However, I will have a few Christmas cookies on Christmas Day, and also my Mom’s famous Christmas stollen on Christmas morning…but those are exceptions. ;)

2.) Workout at least 4-5xs a week – I’m ready to get back at it would be an understatement. Even if my life as a new Momma means I don’t get to go to the gym everyday I have no excuses, I love home workouts, and I’m ready to start going steady with running again…we’ve been apart much too long. 

And yes, I am aware that my milk supply could suffer as I start to workout again, but I fully plan on being in tune with my body, it’s needs as I start to sweat once again, and the needs of my little one. We will learn and adjust as we go, it’s new territory for the both of us. 


3.) Eat veggies, protein, & healthy fats with every single meal - Usually this one isn’t a big deal for me, and actually kind of a no brainer, but I think with being busy figuring out how to be a Mom I’m tired and the grab and eat mentality has hit HARD. I’ll grab some leftovers, heat it up with no regard to the nutrional profile of what I am eating. Need to stop doing that, because my fridge is loaded with good stuff.


4.) Keep a food journal –  I don’t often keep track of all my eats throughout the day, but it has served to be a very useful tool in the past to help me re-establish balanced eating habits. So I’m giving it a go this month. I like to use the MyFitnessPal app, free for Ipad and Iphone, and it is super easy to use. 

Also I want to do this to keep track of what’s happening with my nutrition, and milk supply for nursing little Kes, as I pick up the intensity of my workouts once again. 

5.) Plan, Plan, Plan - Ever heard the saying, “If you fail to plan you can plan to fail?” Well, it’s true. Whenever I have a solid plan for what healthy meals and snacks I’ll be cooking for the week, it’s so much easier to stay on track and not grab a handful of trail mix, and eat 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter for lunch. Hello lack of veggies! 

Well, that’s my December plan of attack to get myself back on track and feeling great again!! Anyone else want to join me?

What strategy do you use to get yourself motivated and back on track with healthy eating and exercise after some time off? 

~ Liesl


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Kester Lewis – The Birth Story

Early the morning of November 10th whether I was ready or not (I wasn’t), my life changed forever.

I became a Mom. 


I still can’t believe that it happened, that I gave birth to a little human life and I’m about to share the story with you. Surreal for sure. 

So if you aren’t into detailed birth stories I’m warning you…there will be nothing super graphic, but it was childbirth, so…just sayin’ I won’t be offended if you leave now and come back for the next recipe or workout post. :)

Here’s how it all went down:

It was Sunday night, November 9th, we had just come back from a time of study with our church small group, and were settling in at Mom and Dad’s to watch the historic rivalry showdown Packers vs. Bears. And since I’m a Bears fan I will say no more about how that game went. 

Pete and I grabbed some cheese, crackers, and apples to snack on and a short while later my brother arrived with his family. We watched the game, talked, and I felt TOTALLY fine, no clue of the coming adventure we were about to have. 

Around half time my sis-in-law left to put her kiddos to bed, and then when 10pm rolled around we decided to head in the direction of home as well. I got up off the couch to use the bathroom before leaving, and half way there GUSH, it was like a huge water balloon breaking between my legs!! You read about pregnant women that experience a trickle running down their leg and they are like ” I think maybe my water broke?” Not so for me. There was no “I think” about it. It was like a lake on my parent’s bathroom floor. 

I called to Pete and told him what had happened and then asked my Mom if I could borrow some pants. Once I was changed we left the dog there with Mom and Dad, and headed back to our place to get ready for the long (or so we thought) labor ahead of us. 

My plan all along was to labor at home as long as I could stand the pain, and then head to the hospital to give birth there with the midwife. Of course, a plan is only just that, and with labor plans can change often and quickly.

When we arrived home I got in the shower right away (not knowing when my next one would be) and Pete packed some last minute things into our bag for the hospital, and some snacks, like sparkling water, fruit, nuts, trail mix, and protein bars. Since it was my first baby we were anticipating a longish labor and wanted to be prepared. From everything I’d read, and heard in our birth-education classes first labors on average take at least 8 hours. 

Once I was out of the shower I changed into yoga pants and a tank top, preparing myself to be comfortable.


Token selfie before entering contraction land.

Pete got in the shower, and around 11:30pm my contractions began. 

At first they were no big thing, I started timing them on my Iphone while wandering around the apartment doing things. We called the birth center just to let them know my water had broken and they advised me to hold out at home until my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart consistently for 1 hour. “Try and get some sleep” that was the advice I got. 

My contractions were getting more intense and I told Pete that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, so we decided to watch a few shows together to take my mind off the contractions. While we watched I timed contractions, they were about 7-8 minutes apart at this time and lasting around 45 seconds to 1 minute each.

After 40 minutes (2 episodes) of Parks and Rec the contractions had gained intensity and the only position that was comfortable was being on all fours on the floor. Pete massaged my lower back between contractions which helped alot, and recorded them for me. 

Around 2:00 am my contractions had gotten quite intense and had been 3-4 minutes apart for about 45 minutes, and I told Pete that we needed to go to the hospital. I rode in the back seat and shivered while the contractions hit me over and over like a giant wave I felt like with each one I might not stay afloat.

We live about 25 minutes from the hospital where I had chosen to deliver, so we arrived in the emergency room around 2:30 am where a nurse met us, and accompanied us to the birth center on the 2nd floor. I had two SUPER intense contractions on the way to the birth center, and ended up riding the last few yards to the room in a wheelchair…I kind of a felt like a huge pansy. 

The nurses on duty settled me into a labor and delivery room right away, checked me and told me that I was 3 cm dialated, but almost complete effaced already. Then they  began to attach the needed equipment to monitor baby’s heart rate. At this point the last position I wanted to be in was on my back on the bed, but they couldn’t monitor the heart well enough unless I was in that position. Pete was awesome and so supportive as he let me squeeze the flesh out of his hand as each contraction came and went. He also fed me ice chips like a boss out of plastic cup, ice never tasted so good.

After about 45 minutes in the labor and delivery room baby’s heart rate was confirmed to be good, but contractions were so painful (I had even thrown up once due to the pain) that I told Pete I needed an epidural if I was going to last through the labor. It wasn’t what I orginally wanted, I wanted to try and have the baby naturally, but I could feel my muscles tensing, and I knew I would soon start cramping up if I didn’t get some relief. 

Pete called the nurse in and around 3:30am she checked me again and told me I was now 5 cm, and then she started an IV with fluids and assured me that the doctor that would give me the epidural would be there in about 40 minutes to give me some relief. The nurse also told me I could now get up off the bed if I wanted and get in a warm shower, or labor on the birthing ball, or get in a more comfortable position. She assured me she would be out in the hall monitoring my contractions and when things progressed she would call the midwife in. 

I was all about this idea of getting off the bed, so I rolled to the side and started getting up on all fours on the bed to get down, and a SUPER intense and painful contraction hit me and dropped me flat. And then almost instantaneously I felt the urge to push. 

This totally freaked me out so I yelled at Pete to call the nurse back into the room right away! I felt so bad for him, he had no idea what was happening only I knew that baby was coming and now!!! There would be no time for that epidural!  The nurse asked what we needed and Pete told her that I was saying I was ready to push. 

The nurses sprang to life ran in the labor and delivery room with tons of supplies. One of the nurses was asking me if I really did have to push, I assured her I did, and she said, okay, here we go. The second nurse ran out to call the midwife as the nurse had confirmed that I was completely dialated at this point (yep, 5 cm to 10 cm in about 10 minutes!) and baby was coming!

You guys, I was SO scared. The nurse assured me that she’d delivered babies before and there wasn’t anything I needed to worry about, but my midwife wasn’t there, and I’d never done this before, but there was no turning back and no waiting.

Just minutes later, around 3:45 am I began pushing, as each contraction came I pushed harder. I must have been in the zone because I don’t remember at all when the midwife arrived, but it must have around 3:55am (because it was moments before Kester’s birth) and she was faintly telling the nurses that if I didn’t get him out soon, I would need oxygen, I guess, his heart rate was dropping quickly. 

I heard the midwife’s calm voice as she told me, “you need to push this baby out right now.” So with the next set of contractions I pushed with all I had, and his head emerged. Our baby had the cord wrapped around his neck and chest, but the midwife was able to slide it off quickly as the rest of his little body was being born. And our sweet bundle, Kester Lewis, entered this world at 4:02 am.

Wow…15 minutes of some intense pushing and my sweet son was born and laid crying on my chest! It was incredible, amazing, emotional, and I felt spent. My legs were almost jumping out of the little stirrup things they were spasming so much. It felt awkward, but I was also pretty distracted holding my  bundle of blessing.

Immediately after Kester was born, un-beknownst to me there was lots of blood and Pete told me later that my midwife was getting a little worried because it kept coming and she didn’t know the source. However, momentarily she found the problem and informed us that I had a varicos vein in the birth canal that had ruptured due to the quick birth, and that they would be calling in a specialist doctor to repair it. I also tore a bit, and she told me the same doctor would stitch that was well, while he was down…yonder. ;) 

When the doc arrived any pain I felt from the numbing shot, and the vein repair was nothing in comparison to the pains of labor I had just experienced. I was also holding my little Kester and the nurses had draped a heated towel over us both, best.feeling.ever. 

Since Kester was born at 4am we had several hours as a family before any visitors came. It was really nice to have time to adjust and realize that we are now 3, and let the moment sink in a little. 


We had celebratory sparking water at 4:30, and then each tried to get a wink or two of sleep. But, it was a just so exciting and new. The brand new little life we had created. 


I still can’t believe that he’s ours. And I can’t imagine my labor going any better than it did, and I know that there were people praying for me, and for that I am so grateful. 

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time with our families in 5 years! And we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. God is the giver of good gifts, and Kester is not only an amazing gift, but he has made our lives complete. 

As I finish typing this post, little Kes, is 2 weeks old and I find myself loving him stronger as each moment passes.

I simply can’t imagine our lives without him. 

 So, that’s our story, and just the beginning of a great adventure! 


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He’s Here!! ~ Our Precious Kester Lewis Hypki

Life with a newborn is crazy:) 

Our sweet baby boy, Kester Lewis Hypki was born a week ago Monday, November 10th at 4:02 am!!  


He is a little peanut.

He is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, and this first week has been full of firsts for his Momma & Daddy…learning to nurse, swaddle, and anticipate the needs of a little human being. Yet, I’ve loved every minute so far. I mean, that is not to say that there hasn’t been hard times, when I’ve felt like the worst Mom ever. But when I look at my precious boy’s face, love is all I feel. Here are some sweet pics of my little man!


Pete snuggling Kester just hours after birth. My two favorite guys! 


First tummy time!



Trying some more tummy time at home…he loves it. 



I plan to post his birth story next week,because it was pretty unreal, and not what I was expecting AT ALL but until then, I’m going to go enjoy all the Kester snuggles I can manage! 

We are so grateful to the Lord for a healthy, happy, and gorgeous baby! We are very blessed.

~ Liesl

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“40 Weeks” Full Body Workout

So…November 7th, the due date for my little bambino, and here we are, nothing exciting to report.

Everything is good, the little dude is healthy and just squirming along in there. Still freeloading off all the goodness that my body has to offer, and not showing any signs of wanting to enter the world yet. I mean, I can’t say I blame him, it’s supposed to snow this weekend. 

However, this mama wants him out. Sick of being preggers? YEP. That about sums it up. That and I don’t want to have to consider interventions to start labor, I want him to come naturally if at all possible. 

With all that in mind I’m still working out, walking alot, putting hot sauce on everything this week in effort to naturally move him along. :) We’ll see what happens.

So…today I thought it would be fun to share a “40 Weeks” Full Body Workout with you guys!!

This workout is awesome because you can do it pregnant or not pregnant by simply modifying the amount of weight you use, and your intensity! 

I just completely this workout yesterday, at 40 weeks pregnant, so no excuses ladies! It’s a perfectly, refreshing way to jump start a workout program gone stale! Also, you can easily do a few rounds of this workout in your home gym while your kiddos are napping!

So here’s the workout:

~ 40 Weeks Workout ~
After warming up with some light cardio and stretching for about 5 minutes, do each exercise one after the other, circuit style, with no rest between exercises. Then rest for 30-60 seconds and complete the entire workout again for 3-5 rounds. (depending on your fitness level) 


1. One foot elevated Squat Thusters – 10 each side
Stand with your legs just wider than hip width, toes turned slightly outward, with one foot elevated on a step. Hold two dumbbells so the edges are touching your shoulders. Keeping your chest up and pushing your booty back squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then push through your heels back to the start, and as you reach standing position push the weights overhead (not pictured)then bring them back down to your shoulders, and that is one rep.

2. Squat Jumps – 12
Squat down into a normal squat position, no weights, and push through your heels and glutes into a jump. Land with soft knees moving into another squat right away.


3. Barbell deadlift with mixed grip row – 12
Stand with feet hip width apart, and knees slightly bent. Holding a barbell in mixed grip (one hand palm facing you, the other hand palm facing forwards), bend at the waist keeping the barbell close to your shins until you feel a pull in your hamstrings. Pause and perform a barbell row, lower the barbell and reverse the move back to the starting position. 


4. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings – 12
Here’s a video on the how to! 


5. Plie squat with upright row – 12
Stand with you feet wider than hip width and toes turned out. Hold a heavier weight in front of you. Keeping your back straight lower down until your thighs are parallel to the ground then push back up to the start, and at the top pull the weight upwards leading with your elbows to complete the row. 


6. Broad jumps onto a step (or non – pregos, box jumps) – 12
Stand back from a step or box, bend your knees and hinging at the waist propel your body up and forward in a jump to land on top of the step. Then jump back, or step back off the step to the starting position. That’s one rep. 


* If you are pregnant and even if you are not remember to always listen to your body. If you are tired, take extra breaks, and make sure to stay well hydrated drinking water throughout the workout. And as always, if you feel any pain, STOP, and check with you doctor before proceeding with this or any workout. 

Let me know if you try the workout! I’d love to hear how you liked it. 

And here’s to a baby in my near future! I’m hoping he chooses this weekend to meet his anxious Momma and Daddy.

~ Liesl


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